The time I wore a sequined skirt

day sequins

day sequins

day sequin

day sequins

day seqiuns


leather jacket

Jacket-Steve Madden old-similar// Sweater-JCrew old-similar// Skirt-Macys old-similar// Boots-Chinese Laundry
I hate buying pieces of clothing you can only wear once. That was my first lie. I love it. I have always bought new dresses for every wedding I have attended. I go in search of a new outfit for big meetings and job interviews. I love the specialness, the newness, the fabulousness of a special event article of clothing. Unfortunately then realty sets in the next day when I realize I spent HOW MUCH on a tulle dress that is totally inappropriate for any other event in my life. Ever. Oh and also, apparently not super conducive to a happy marriage. Single Girl Behavior.

SO my new challenge has become repurposing special event clothing into every day outfits. I have started taking some of my party dresses out on the town with a jean jacket and Toms, I have thrown my sequined jacket over a plain white t-shirt and motorcycle boots, I even wore a floor length silk skirt with a crop top the other day-but we will get into that more tomorrow.

This past week I promised this gold sequined skirt a trip out of the closet. Some way some how I was going to make it work. In the evening, paired with a black tank and heels it is a star, but today I just needed it to be a skirt. The heart sweater and over the knee boots bring it down a notch and make it almost acceptable for daytime. Yes, I got a few strange looks for wearing a skirt covered in sequins to lunch, but hey, if we didn’t want to get noticed we would all wear sweat suits right?

So Joel, if you’re reading this, I will never buy a one wear item of clothing ever again. Ok, that is my second lie..


Let me know what you think!

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