the time I cooked all day…

IMG_6302 IMG_6312 IMG_6350 IMG_6479 IMG_6464 IMG_6491 IMG_6390 IMG_6400 IMG_6404 IMG_6409Well kids, this time last year Joel and I were across the ocean in London. We spent a really spectacular week there. Joel worked, I shopped. All was right in the world. Tehehehe. In between we celebrated Valentine’s Day there. The night of we walked all along the River Thames, had dinner in a fabulous little pub overlooking the water with a breathtaking view of the completely gorgeous Tower Bridge and ended the night with tea and biscuits back at our hotel. It was a perfect night. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day. You just don’t match that kind of wonderful.

483817_10151313844305684_2042309721_nWhich is why today i am spending the day covered in flour making us pot pies and giant chocolate chip cookies. And drinking mimosas. It’s a morning drink. So it’s fine. I checked.

I would have shared a picture of my outfit today but unfortunately it is oversized PINK (both in brand and in color) sweats and the dreaded Mount Gay Rum shirt that i am not supposed to wear. (Revisit that situation here) so I will spare you the details. Instead i will just share this message from Harvey for the Interwebs. If anyone is interested in being Harvey’s Valentine this year please leave a comment below. He will get back with you.

Wear something fabulous and overindulge just a bit tonight. Take yourself for an amazing date. Or whip potpies. I hear they are ‘really easy’ to make…

We will meet back up next week to talk clothes. Until then have a really fantastic day.



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