The time I loved shoes


Shoes-MK here

I have to confess. I went shopping yesterday. Well browsing anyway. I didn’t buy. But I fell in love. With something amazing. Shoes actually. Tall, ridiculous, totally impractical, wear maybe once a year shoes. They are glorious. They have a 4 inch heel. They are strappy. They are black. They have studs. They are stunning. They are Michael Kors. Also, they are $225. 

I have never spent $225 dollars on a pair of shoes. Sure I have taken a spin through Saks shoe department when in Chicago or New York. I have tried on a pair or two of Christian Louboutins. I have dreamed of a closet filled with Tori Burch flats instead of Toms. 

And these shoes, these I can’t help but imagine all the places they belong. The evening I would spend in them.  I have already built an outfit around them. I have imagined them in San Juan drinking Pina Coladas. I can see them taking a taxi in London to this little Italian place that Joel and I love in Notting Hill.  I. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Them. 

I want them. I need them. But that Caribbean vacation I want to impulse book is just one web browser over. Waiting for me to confirm. And I am just not sure I have room in my bag or my wallet for these little beauties.  And the best little day dream i have involves Joel and I, on the beach we got married on. In $5 flip flops from Old Navy. And it’s perfect. And my legs look just fine. And I can take adventures and run and do handstands. All for the price of a pair of shoes…

So beautiful shoes, I know there is a good home out there somewhere for you. I am just not sure it’s with me. 



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