the time I got back in the saddle

IMG_9756Ok, ok, ok… I know I have been absolutely MIA. And i would love to say that I am very busy, or very important or was asked to save the world or at least review the satellite maps in search of Malaysia flight 370. But all of these things would be ranging from sort of true to out and out lies so instead I will just say I am sorry. I am back. Let’s not dwell on it.

Some things that have happened in the past week:

I finished season 4 of LOST. I can’t help but think this is the best piece of television I have watched since the first two seasons of the OC. I am only kind of kidding.

I did some awesome yoga.

I hung out with Harvey and Joel.

I turned 30.

And no, I am not upset about it. But it did get me thinking. So last year was a bit wild. We moved. A lot. We lived in my parents basement and out of suitcases. I quit my job. I started a boutique. Joel switched jobs. Harvey got a new bed. A lot happened. And through it all my joy got a kinda lost. Not to say I was unhappy, I was just busy and didn’t take time out everyday to look around and realize that life is pretty effing awesome. That the world it pretty amazing. That everyday, even the ones spent watching LOST marathons or aggravated or in our jammies, are absolutely beautiful. What I will say about turning 30 is that I don’t want another year to pass with me slightly below the surface of life. Living it but not seeing the everyday clearly. So for the next year, the year of 30, I am going to do some stuff. I mean scary, awesome, real living stuff. Specifically I am going to do 30 things.  And I ask you to join me. You can follow along with the journey and check out my growing list here. Oh and if you have something that you think i HAVE to do, email me. I will add it to the list.

Let’s live and be awesome.



the time I watched Lost

IMG_8375 IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8378 IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8381I got engaged in St. Augustine, Florida in August of 2010. It was an amazing trip that ended with a gorgeous ring on my finger and a promise of a new life with my best friend. This was not, however, the thing that defined that trip. No. You see we drove there. And back. My dad loves a road trip and it was one of the final times that a large majority of us Lutz’s would be able to jump in a car and ride for hours upon hours upon hours together. So in preparation for the drive I gathered up tv shows on dvd to entertain myself. One in particular. LOST. I didn’t know. How could I have.

I started watching LOST on the way down and got through  all of season 1 by the second day of the trip when my DVD privileges were revoked. I enjoyed the remainder of my vacation as best an addict can enjoy something with out their fix. But in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for Jack and Kate and Sawyer.

On the way home from our week at the beach, with a bright and shiny new piece of jewelry sparkling on my left hand, I plowed through season 2 like a champ only taking out my headphones for bathroom breaks and snack stops.

This is where the story turns sad. Once we returned, we were thrown into the crazy year that is planning a wedding. Especially when your not getting married in the continental 48. LOST got, well, lost. It got shoved aside and put on the back burner. It got packed away and moved several times. And then in January we bought a smart TV. That has Netflix right there on the remote. And there was my gateway back into my addiction. I, of course, had to start the series over. And here I sit, updating my website, editing pictures, writing descriptions for @jolly’s. And obsessively watching LOST.

If you haven’t ever watched LOST I want you to pretend you never saw this blog post. Don’t start. Don’t become curious as to what your missing out on. It’s too much. Unless you have an open week with nothing else to do. Or a 12 hour car ride…

I promise I will get dressed tomorrow. And share that with you. But for now. I must continue on this journey. I must find out if Juliette is really a bad guy. I have to see if Charlie dies. I must know if Jin and Sun have a healthy baby. I can’t rejoin the world until I know if my friends are ok.

Is there a support group for this?

until next time,



the time I fell in love

IMG_7863 IMG_7864 IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7874 IMG_7883 IMG_7888 IMG_7891


The first time I stepped onto a  yoga mat I fell in love. I felt great and calm and in control. Where most workouts are filled with chaos and loud music and competition, this yoga class was quiet and peaceful and personal. I loved the way the teacher talked and the music that she played and the patient guidance that she provided through out this class and the many that were to come after. I loved the first time that I could close my eyes and follow along to a class without a visual. I loved the way the attitude and tranquility found in class overflowed into my everyday life. I loved the breathing. I took to it and it quickly became something that I absolutely needed to do everyday. But you wanna know the thing I fell for fastest and the hardest?

THE gosh darn PANTS. OMG. I fell in love with yoga pants like a 13 year old boy. I loved the way they looked on, I loved the way they felt like jammies, I loved that in a pinch you could throw them on as leggings. And over the next 4 years, I fell into the trendy yoga pant trap. I frequented Lululemon hungrily searching out the brands newest yoga pants that looked just like the other $90+ yoga pants I had from there. I got the matching tops and I created outfits and I had the little jackets that you wore over them and I thought I was probably going to win an award for being the most yogalicious lady of the land, even going so far as to apply for a job there. As one of their ‘educators’. And then I realized I was a total douche. I mean really. A HUGE douche.

So, your probably wondering- “Mallory, why in the world are you boring me with this tale of Lululemon?” Well, because although my love of designer yoga wear has faded my passion for yoga has just continued to grow. I have become certified to teach, I try to introduce as many people to it as possible. I try to sample as many studios and classes as I can handle. And, truth be told, I wear yoga clothes a LOT. And as a style blogger, I felt you should know. It’s ok to wear the pants. All day after class. Or before class. Or even if your not planning to take a class at all that day. Or in place of leggings. When in a tight spot.

So now, this is my yoga outfit. Or something of the sort. Obniouxious capris, shirts that makes me happy, some sort of sweater, cute headband or bandana, Toms. And that, folks, is what I wore on Wednesday.



the time I met Kate Spade

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0033


Sweater-@jolly’s//Tank-Target//Jeans-Nordstrom//Shoes-Toms loving these palm tree ones//Purse-Kate Spade

I have never bought into the whole label thing. I wasn’t one to carry expensive purses and need the newest or best one. The only thing I look for in a purse is something that makes me jolly and will carry all of my things. And when i say all, i mean all. Like right now, if you were to dump my purse onto the ground you would find two full sized notebooks, one planner, several chapsticks, a huge wallet, some loose money, at least 2 pairs of sunnies, a dog leash, a magazine, a mascara, hand sanitizer, headphones, a lanyard with my gym pass on it, whatever jewelry i wore yesterday, 12,432 receipts, a packet of tissues, a red box movie a flier to my boutiques up coming trunk show and a bottle of water. Basically if i ever need to leave the country in a rush i am set, well except Joel doesn’t allow me to keep my passport. I lost it once twice, both times were right before big trips. Oops.

Anywho, one day when Joel and I were having dinner on the Plaza here in Kansas City, we wandered down to the Kate Spade store. I had never owned anything Kate Spade. She is well out of my league, but i had always enjoyed the sense of joy that the brand brought to an otherwise expensive and rather boring world that is handbags. (Hello-remember this one??)Unknown

Well that stroll through the store led me to this little beauty. Obviously i loved the print. Gorgeous. And the size. And the fact that it has a cross body strap. Which means it allows for activities while still carrying all of my things. Basically it was like me if i were a purse. And I knew i wanted it.

So last weekend I was back on the plaza and I decided to check in on my little friend and sure enough she was the last of her kind, sitting there alone on the shelf. It was like a fashion sign. So being the selfless little fashionista that I am I decided to adopt her and give her a forever home. And so far things are going well. She holds everything, She really pulls an outfit together. She is absolutely gorgeous and she even matches some of Harveys accessories.

What are you dreaming of for spring?



the time I was Kelly Kapowski

IMG_7854 IMG_7853 IMG_7849 IMG_7848 IMG_7840 IMG_7837Top-Macys old similar here//Sweater-Sample Sale-similar here//Jeans-here//Shoes-old similar here// Bag-Tune in tomorrow to discuss!

I have always had a thing for Kelly Kapowski. As a brunette unwilling to ever lighten my hair, the role models were few and far between. Apparently our hair color makes us really exceptional side kicks ready to join any adventure but totally inadequate at hosting our own. Kelly was the freaking star and she was amazing and wonderful and she got the guy in the end and she taught me so many vital lessons during my youth (and occasionally on present day Saturday mornings when Joel and I are bored). And she did all of this as a brunette. And usually in a high waisted skirt and Keds. Or a matching floral crop top and denim. Or in light wash ripped jeans.

Which leads us to this little number in which i was apparently channeling her. The sweater and lace tank are such a cute combo. The shoes were a Top Shop find on their opening weekend in NYC-aka the worst day to enter Top Shop EVER. But these jeans… these jeans are rocking my whole world right now. I love them. I want to wear them every day. I have tried. I even tried to wear them to Joel’s hometown of Concordia, Missouri. It’s a lovely place. If you haven’t been I would suggest a drive through. It’s a small town meant for a Lifetime Movie. I am sure there are some Kapowski fans there, however, when i slipped these ripped up little beauties on Joel suggested I change. He didn’t think Concordia would understand the purchase of pre-destroyed jeans much less revel in their amazingness. Maybe next year.

So for now these jeans will be confined to Kansas City. And I will try to wear them only every other day. Until my floral crop top and matching denim arrives of course.



the time I lied…

IMG_7733 IMG_7734 IMG_7737 IMG_7746 IMG_7751 IMG_7771 IMG_7797 IMG_7810

Sweater-@jolly’s//Denim shirt-JC Penny-similar//T-shirt-Forever 21-old fun graphic t here//Camo Jeans-Gap-sold out-similar//Boots-Shoemint-old similar here//Bracelets-PuraVida-I want one of each!!!

I want to tell you all a story about this London Love t-shirt. I want to reminisce about the last time I was in London. I want to talk about the pop up vintage markets and Portobello market. I want to tell an amazing story about pouring over each and every booth of these markets and the things I found. I want to talk about the food I ate and the smells I smelled. I so badly want this shirt to be a  memorial of an amazing adventure that Joel and I were so lucky to take. I want this t-shirt to have history and meaning and I want the story to be sparkly and captivating. I want to wear this shirt to dinner parties and evenings out where said story would be retold and the shirt would be worn as a badge of my fashion findings honor.

But that would all be a steaming pile of… well… lies. This shirt is from the overly produced racks of Forever 21. It is one of millions. It is as generic as they come. And for the first two weeks after I bought it I told Joel it was from a street vendor in London. I was shopping shamed. But I still love the shirt. And it still makes me think of the wonderful trips we have taken London. And it still makes me smile. Even if it is from Forever 21.

The real story of our last trip to London- I shopping choked. I found an amazing Cath Kidston bag, a perfect dress from Liberty of London featuring their famous tiny floral print,  the most beautiful hand made leather jacket and an absolutely gorgeous cashmere capelet and with each find more outstanding and deserving of my shopping budget than the last I choked. I couldn’t pull the trigger and ended up coming home with nothing more than a pair of jeans from Primark (A European Forever 21) and regret. All the more reason to plan a trip back I suppose. Right Joel?