the time I talk dating and fashion and dating and fashion

IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0811 IMG_0812 IMG_0814 IMG_0817 IMG_0825T-shirt-@jolly’s,  Skirt- @jolly’s, Shoes- AMAZING TJ Maxx find- similar, bracelets-PuraVida- find your style here

You know that guy, the good on paper guy? Yeah, I met a lot of that guy way back pre-Joel. I met the one that was a marathon runner who owned a loft, had an amazing job and drove a porshe that unfortunately didn’t come with a personality. I met the one who was a world traveler, a wanderer, whose facebook feed was filled with him in  South Africa and Peru and Hong Kong. He spoke 3 languages, none of which were Mallory. I met the one who had a desk job by day but whose true passion was art. He was smart and funny and we spent 4 wonderful weeks together before he apparently misplaced my number. Permanently.

That is what this skirt was. A good on paper skirt. I remember the first time I laid eyes on it. My mom and I were in Chicago on a buying trip for the boutique. We both immediately dropped our bags and ran to this skirt. It was the perfect maxi skirt. It was a neutral color, the lace made it just interesting enough, the lining was long enough. Could this be the holy grail of skirts?

Fast Forward 2 months when it showed up with our order. This time upon seeing it I dropped my pants and ran to it (This is a family program-obviously I was going to try it on). Oh, it was magical. It twirled when I twirled, it seemed to reflect me. It was casual but kinda fancy, it was pretty and dainty and amazing and I knew I wanted one. It was a beautiful moment in my style files.

But once we got home and I got her settled onto a hanger in my closet I was at a lose. For everything I tried on with it just didn’t work. If I went with the open side tie-die top from Denim & Supply I looked like something left behind at Coachella, If I went with the turquoise silk tank from Madewell I looked confused. I was at a fashion loss.

And then it hit me. Sometimes in fashion and in dating you have to stop trying so hard and just let things be. This skirt is always going to be the star and I needed to stop trying to make an outfit around it and let it be the outfit. Enter the besttshirtevermadeeverever. I don’t usually go for shirts that talk but this one has such a wonderfully true message that I will allow it to say what is not socially acceptable for me to.

So with that I will leave you. Happy dating and happy dressing.



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