Who am I?

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you waiting there. I would offer you some tea, maybe a cookie or two if it weren’t for the darn interwebs. I’m Mallory. I write a blog-if you didn’t know this I would hit your back arrow in your browser for you my friend are lost. I love clothes. Almost as much as I love shoes and coats and my 4 month old son, Ollie. I grew up here in Kansas City, Missouri. I am trying to slowly prove that we are not in fact farmers but a hidden gem of really fashionable, super nice, cultured individuals who just so happen to be land locked. Now take your shoes off and get cozy. We are going to be GREAT friends.

Things I love:
Mr. Mallory and Baby Ollie
Harvey and Hank-my golden retrievers
bare feet-strange that I love shoes so much
the sea
adventures- both land and aquatic
yoga-every day
warm beverages
a fresh manicure
brand new underwear (too much? too soon?)
my wedding rings
my family
new things

Want to know more or tell me you don’t care? Email me. themallorymanual@gmail.com

Let me know what you think!

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