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the time I wore over the knee boots

IMG_6121 IMG_6114 IMG_6109 IMG_6106 IMG_6097 IMG_6100T-shirt-seen here//Skirt-seen here//Tights-seen here and here//Boots-old and amazing-similar here

I have to be honest. The first time (and every time since) I watched Pretty Women I kind of liked Julia Roberts look pre Rodeo Drive make over. I mean she had that insane hair that was wild and carefree, the dress with the cutouts was once very risqué is now something you would see at every prom on no fewer than 15 high school girls, and those boots-SHUT UP. I loved those boots. Yes, they were a bit shiny and they had that whole zipper issue, but they were so incredibly iconic. I wanted a pair. I needed a pair.

So fast forward to 2012 when over the knee boots crept into style without anyone noticing. I went over the knee crazy. I got black ones, I got brown ones, I  got suede ones, I got leather ones. And then one day, while perusing the Victorias Secret shoe website, I met these. And I had to have them. Now truth be told, I haven’t found that many occasions that call for a 4 inch heel, over the knee thigh high suede boot, but every time I slip them on, I feel a little closer to Vivian Ward. Just misunderstood, wild and free, trying to get by, you know, minus the whole hooker thing.

Bonus, the total for this outfit: T-shirt-$3.99//Skirt-$5.99 which means basically free. Oh and so cute.



the time I cooked all day…

IMG_6302 IMG_6312 IMG_6350 IMG_6479 IMG_6464 IMG_6491 IMG_6390 IMG_6400 IMG_6404 IMG_6409Well kids, this time last year Joel and I were across the ocean in London. We spent a really spectacular week there. Joel worked, I shopped. All was right in the world. Tehehehe. In between we celebrated Valentine’s Day there. The night of we walked all along the River Thames, had dinner in a fabulous little pub overlooking the water with a breathtaking view of the completely gorgeous Tower Bridge and ended the night with tea and biscuits back at our hotel. It was a perfect night. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day. You just don’t match that kind of wonderful.

483817_10151313844305684_2042309721_nWhich is why today i am spending the day covered in flour making us pot pies and giant chocolate chip cookies. And drinking mimosas. It’s a morning drink. So it’s fine. I checked.

I would have shared a picture of my outfit today but unfortunately it is oversized PINK (both in brand and in color) sweats and the dreaded Mount Gay Rum shirt that i am not supposed to wear. (Revisit that situation here) so I will spare you the details. Instead i will just share this message from Harvey for the Interwebs. If anyone is interested in being Harvey’s Valentine this year please leave a comment below. He will get back with you.

Wear something fabulous and overindulge just a bit tonight. Take yourself for an amazing date. Or whip potpies. I hear they are ‘really easy’ to make…

We will meet back up next week to talk clothes. Until then have a really fantastic day.



the time I fell in love

IMG_6040 IMG_6037 IMG_6077 IMG_6071Top-Target sold out similar here and here//Skirt-Target-sold out similar here and here// Tights-Seen here and here//Over the knee boots-Shoemint-old similar here

I know it is so trendy to hate Valentines Day. All the cool kids are doing it. They all ignore it and call it a Hallmark Holiday. But you know what, I am NOT on board with that train. I, Mallory Kirsten Lutz Kammeyer am a Holidayaholic. I love them all. But Valentines Day, well any holiday that encourages eating copious amounts of sweets (cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, OMGOMGOMG) and large glasses of champagne and wine in public, without judgment. Oh I am so in.

The thing I am not in for, the crowds. I am not a very patient person. In fact I am downright impatient. And the thing that makes my skin crawl the most (other than stand still traffic) is waiting for tables. In crowds. Of over-perfumed people. No thank you.

So this year, instead of getting in line at an over stuffed restaurant, my parents and Joel and I are celebrating Valentine’s Eve. Here is how you do it: You just go out on the evening before Valentine’s Day and then do everything the same as you would if it were Valentines Day. It’s amazing. And genius.

This is what I am wearing today and into the evening. I love it because it is wonderfully red but also such fun. The top and skirt are both from Target, both sale rack finds and both so stinkin cheap.

Don’t you worry though, we will still have our own little celebration tomorrow. Just in our own house. Where we rarely have to wait for a table. Unless Harvey is entertaining. But he isn’t seeing anyone this year. So we should be good.

Total cost of outfit: Top-$8.99//Skirt$5.99/

Happy Thursday love birds.


the time it was hump day

IMG_6157 IMG_6171 IMG_6178 IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6209Extra long T-shirt-seen here//Cutest skirt ever-TJ Maxx-similar here//Tights-seen here and here//Socks-Target similar here//Boots-Shoemint seen here and here

I need to confess something. There was time in my life when I wore tops as dresses. And this time came after college. I remember one dress top very well as it only got donated to the Goodwill last year. It was a purple empire waist tunic at best, though even that might be a stretch. I wore it to a cowboy bar here in Kansas City with black tights and literally the tallest heels known to man. It is amazing I made it out of that evening without an offer being made-if you know what I’m saying. I was obviously trying to impress a guy. He was a cage fighter. He ended up getting married to someone else later that year (in case you were wondering if Joel had a strange and mystical cage fighting past-he did not). He also ended up having a torrid love affair with his second cousin or something, the cage fighter, not Joel. Really dodged a bullet I suppose. Anywho, i digress.

The point of this story is that I have always been a sucker for a short skirt. ALWAYS. Short shorts, nah, but a short skirt (or apparently a long top) and I am in. This skirt here is SHORT. But I am a short person, so we go together. Most girls tell fiblets about their weight or age, I stretch the truth about my height. I am 5’4″ 5’2″. But I am tall for my height, so I can get away with it.

This is a great little casual outfit, and once the air is not cold enough to actually freeze my skin off I can see this exactly as it is right now minus the tights, but with Toms, or Converse All Stars, or flip flops, or no shoes at all. Can you tell I am ready for spring (but really summer)? In the mean time I will enjoy getting to wear some Valentines day socks on this Wednesday. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I totally tied this top up 80’s style and I worked it and I loved it and I will do it again. At least i didn’t wear a top as a dress…this time.

Stay warm and be happy today!


the time I wore jeans as sweatpants

IMG_5919 IMG_5920IMG_5922 IMG_5924Cardigan-Seen here//T-shirt-Target//Jeans-Seen here//Shoes-Toms

I work from home. Which means getting dressed for work in the morning sometimes means brushing my teeth and throwing on a sweatshirt over my jammies. This is not good. Actually this is down right bad. Also, when your husband calls you out for wearing the same Mount Gay Rum promotional t-shirt for 2.5 days straight its time to make some changes. Also, it’s time to do some laundry.

So for the last few days I have been really making an effort to get up and actually put on real clothes. Like the kind of clothes I could run out of my house if it were, say, on fire without contemplating a quick outfit change.

This jeans-oversized t-shirt-cardigan combo has become my go to uniform if you will. And when I really want to feel fancy I thrown on sparkly Toms-they are like the tuxedo of slip ons or holiday themed socks. Because who doesn’t love a holiday themed sock. And you want to know a secret, I feel like I get just a little bit more done. You know, being dressed for success and all.

Todays outfit was pretty cheap. And pretty cute. If I may say so myself. Plus, I have never slept in any of these articles of clothing.

Total cost of outfit: Cardigan-$4.99//V Neck-$14.99 (Boo for Full Price)//Jeans-$20

See you later alligators.


The time I wore zippers upon zippers…

IMG_5952 IMG_5955 IMG_5963IMG_5957 IMG_5966 IMG_5967

Sweater-Target seen here //Skirt-TJ Maxx-similar //Tights-old similar //Boots-Shoemint SOLD OUT similar //Coat-old similar// Hat-AWESOME here

Well, it’s Monday again. It seems no matter how many insults you throw its way, not matter how much you avoid it and ignore it’s very existence it just keeps showing up. Every week. However, one of my New Years Resolutions (read more about my thoughts on them here) was to embrace  Mondays or at least not be such a flipping slave to them.

So this Monday I am wearing a skirt ($12.99), some fun textured tights, and a great pair of boots. Because if there has to be a monday you might as well dress for it. The sweater has already made its debut in the 30 day $300 challenge (more here) and I am loving how versatile it has proven to be.

This Monday I am going to come out victorious. I am getting a lot of work done, I am hanging with Harvey who happens to be following my lead wearing a very fancy bow tie this Monday, I am headed to a new found favorite yoga class this evening with a good friend. The Bachelor is on this evening and I plan on wearing this hot pink stocking cap throughout all of my daily activities.

Total cost: Sweater:$11.00 //Skirt: $12.99//Hat:$3.99 Total:$27.98

Make your Monday absolutely amazing.