The time I loved shoes


Shoes-MK here

I have to confess. I went shopping yesterday. Well browsing anyway. I didn’t buy. But I fell in love. With something amazing. Shoes actually. Tall, ridiculous, totally impractical, wear maybe once a year shoes. They are glorious. They have a 4 inch heel. They are strappy. They are black. They have studs. They are stunning. They are Michael Kors. Also, they are $225. 

I have never spent $225 dollars on a pair of shoes. Sure I have taken a spin through Saks shoe department when in Chicago or New York. I have tried on a pair or two of Christian Louboutins. I have dreamed of a closet filled with Tori Burch flats instead of Toms. 

And these shoes, these I can’t help but imagine all the places they belong. The evening I would spend in them.  I have already built an outfit around them. I have imagined them in San Juan drinking Pina Coladas. I can see them taking a taxi in London to this little Italian place that Joel and I love in Notting Hill.  I. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Them. 

I want them. I need them. But that Caribbean vacation I want to impulse book is just one web browser over. Waiting for me to confirm. And I am just not sure I have room in my bag or my wallet for these little beauties.  And the best little day dream i have involves Joel and I, on the beach we got married on. In $5 flip flops from Old Navy. And it’s perfect. And my legs look just fine. And I can take adventures and run and do handstands. All for the price of a pair of shoes…

So beautiful shoes, I know there is a good home out there somewhere for you. I am just not sure it’s with me. 



Cozy is the new black…

Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane Plain Jane

Flannel-Ralph Lauren-similar//Jeans-Lauren Conrad-similar//Belt-Target//Boots-Aldo-similar

Sometimes getting dressed really gets the best of me. I love clothes so much, I love putting outfits together so much, I love trying new combinations so much that once in a while (like most days) I get a bit carried away. I want to layer, I want a tall sock, I want amazing jewelry, maybe even a scarf, I want textured tights and I want to mix prints and sometimes it all becomes too much.

I forget sometimes the beauty of a simple flannel and jeans. I forget that you can look amazing in something so simple. I forget the joy of an undisturbed pair of red boots. I forget how nice my neck feels when it doesn’t have to hold up a scarf or a pendant necklace for the most of the day. I forget that some days you just feel like being a little less showy and a little more cozy.

Last week I had some errands to run. I didn’t have to be anywhere spectacular, just running around town, doing a bit of shopping, enjoying my afternoon. And when I went to get dressed I threw on this flannel with a leopard print cashmere over top and an amazing black pendant necklace, a fabulous pleated green skirt, black tights and over the knee boots. I looked cute. I looked stylish. I looked fabulous even. But I also looked uncomfortable. Yes, fashion sometimes does mean suffering for fabulousness and I am all for a pair of 5 inch ‘dinner only’ heels that make my legs look like Giselle rather then a korgi. But for errands on a Thursday-did I really need it all?
So I changed. And I was happy. And warm. And cozy. And I still looked cute. And I still mixed prints. And I still felt pretty darn fabulous. Sometimes too much is just, well, too much. Even when a toned down version of ourselves includes red boots, floral jeans, a flannel and a leopard print belt.

What is your favorite cozy-yet stylish look?


I dress for Girls

IMG_4700 IMG_4701 IMG_4697 IMG_4694 girl clothes

The clothes:                                                                                                             Sweater-JCrew old-similar here                                                                                Pants-Macys old-similar here                                                                                    Heels-Nine West from a Haute Look Sale (If you aren’t signed up WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, it’s amazing) check it out here                                                                  Necklace-Stella and Dot

There are three kinds of women in this world-those that dress for men, those who dress for women and those who could not possibly care less (I have heard these people exist although I would be completely intolerable to them so naturally I don’t know any). I, obviously dress for women. I love fashion, I love taking chances and for the most party my husband doesn’t like/care/notice what I wear. Unless its new. He ALWAYS can sniff out a new item. Its rude. And amazing.

The day I wore this outfit I had a happy hour planned with one of my favorite people. Her name is Laura, she is engaged, she is a blogger-check her out here, and, well, she is just plain awesome. She also gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received. In our first year together she told me I make her want to dress better. It still brings a tear to my eye. And a whole lot of pressure to deliver an amazing outfit that looks effortless and original every single time I see her (which is a LOT). Some would crumble under the pressure. This is where I thrive. This is where amazing outfits are born.
I love the unexpected mix of this cozy knit and the army pant all brought together with the studded heel. Maybe others hate it, but I had a feeling she might be impressed. And if not she at least has the good manners to not tell me to my face. That’s not true, she would totally tell me. And probably blog about it.

Unfortunately she came down with a bad cold and wasn’t able to meet up so she is seeing the outfit right now with you all for the very first time. So Laura-if your reading this let me know your thoughts.

What do you all think?