the time I was busy

IMG_0021 IMG_0004 IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_0005 IMG_0009 IMG_0008 IMG_0020 IMG_0017 IMG_0016 IMG_0014 IMG_0012 IMG_0011 IMG_0022Well, sure enough, just as soon as I declared I wanted to be more present in my 30th year on earth I entered the busiest 2 week period of my life, got an awful cold and traveled to 4 different states. And then I took an all day nap.

But, I am back. So let’s catch up. My mom and I went to Nashville for a trade show for our boutique, @jolly’s. The show was fine, however Nashville was amazing. What a cool city. We went to The Bluebird Cafe and saw 4 amazing singer songwriters in the round. We drank wine and snapped pics and bought the t-shirt and it was amazing. We also bought cowboy boots. Facts about cowboy boots: They are ridiculously expensive. They are incredibly comfortable. I can’t remember what my life was like before them. I wish they made a pair for dogs. Harvey would look amazing in a cowboy boot, (or four).

Mr. Mallory came on over to Nashville for the weekend since my mom had to get back to KC for her ‘real job’. We made it out to bar with live music. It was incredible. It was also the first time we had been in a bar in probably 4 years. We are old. And married. And for that I am thankful.

Overall this trip opened my little narrow-minded eyeballs. I had kind of closed the book on US travel. I had hit all the major cities. I had seen a lot and I felt a bit jaded. I was focused on world travel. Making that bucket list. Nashville reminded me that there are a lot of really fantastic places right here under my nose that I have written off perhaps too soon. So Nashville, I thank you for that. I will see you somewhere down the road.

Until next time.