the time I met Kate Spade

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Sweater-@jolly’s//Tank-Target//Jeans-Nordstrom//Shoes-Toms loving these palm tree ones//Purse-Kate Spade

I have never bought into the whole label thing. I wasn’t one to carry expensive purses and need the newest or best one. The only thing I look for in a purse is something that makes me jolly and will carry all of my things. And when i say all, i mean all. Like right now, if you were to dump my purse onto the ground you would find two full sized notebooks, one planner, several chapsticks, a huge wallet, some loose money, at least 2 pairs of sunnies, a dog leash, a magazine, a mascara, hand sanitizer, headphones, a lanyard with my gym pass on it, whatever jewelry i wore yesterday, 12,432 receipts, a packet of tissues, a red box movie a flier to my boutiques up coming trunk show and a bottle of water. Basically if i ever need to leave the country in a rush i am set, well except Joel doesn’t allow me to keep my passport. I lost it once twice, both times were right before big trips. Oops.

Anywho, one day when Joel and I were having dinner on the Plaza here in Kansas City, we wandered down to the Kate Spade store. I had never owned anything Kate Spade. She is well out of my league, but i had always enjoyed the sense of joy that the brand brought to an otherwise expensive and rather boring world that is handbags. (Hello-remember this one??)Unknown

Well that stroll through the store led me to this little beauty. Obviously i loved the print. Gorgeous. And the size. And the fact that it has a cross body strap. Which means it allows for activities while still carrying all of my things. Basically it was like me if i were a purse. And I knew i wanted it.

So last weekend I was back on the plaza and I decided to check in on my little friend and sure enough she was the last of her kind, sitting there alone on the shelf. It was like a fashion sign. So being the selfless little fashionista that I am I decided to adopt her and give her a forever home. And so far things are going well. She holds everything, She really pulls an outfit together. She is absolutely gorgeous and she even matches some of Harveys accessories.

What are you dreaming of for spring?